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Welcome to C3 Calm Confidence & Canines

Here at C3 we are dedicated to helping dog owners understand their dogs and, learn how to be relaxed with them when out and about.

Mike is the Canine Behaviourist and has been helping dogs and their owners for many years.

Mike has met countless dog owners, both working directly with them or when out walking with his family dogs, over the years. It is clear to Mike that many owners are distressed when out with their dogs. They worry about their dogs’ behaviour with people and other dogs.

Their dogs bark too much, lunge at other dogs, are overexcited, unruly or are causing some other problem for their owners. Owners are encouraged to label their dogs as frightened or something else. This makes the owners’ anxiety even worse. Mike often sees owners tense, desperately trying to avoid others when they are with their dogs. This stress has a direct impact on their dogs. Nobody, the dog or the owner, seems to be enjoying their time together when out and about.

Developing a calm state of mind will help.

Mike and Sue (First in the Q) thought that, by working together, they could help stressed dog owners. Sue is a highly qualified Mindfulness expert (MSc) and works closely with highly stressed people. So they came up with C3.

C3 will develop courses and free materials focused on helping owners understand their dogs (Mike will be the canine coach) and, learn how to relax (Sue will be the calm coach) with their dogs when out and about.

The aim of C3 is to develop stronger, more relaxed experiences for owners and their canine charges.