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The Team

Sue Wright Calm Coach

Sue holds an MSc in Studies in Mindfulness from the University of Aberdeen, a BSc from The Open University and is a qualified Performance Coach. She also studied Mindfulness-Based Approaches at Bangor University’s School of Psychology and, with the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Sue now works with a broad range of individuals including serving police officers, military personnel, military veterans, teachers, social workers, corporate partners and others. Sue focuses on helping those in mental health distress following traumatic experiences

Sue, strongly, believes that stressed dog owners can benefit from learning mindfulness to develop and maintain calmness when out with their dogs.


Mike Wright Canine Coach

Mike is The Canine Behaviourist.

Mike has helped many dogs over the years and, he has studied Canine Behaviour at a high level and holds the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (ADipCBM). Mike is committed to helping owners and their canine charges to live together harmoniously.

Clint (our rescued Lurcher) is a recent addition to the team. He came from a difficult background but is proving to be a very calm relaxed pup.  In fact, Clint and Mike practise what C3 offers every time they are out and about.